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Read about the 10 finalists in the Fire, Life Safety, Mass Notification category for the Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2013 Product of the Year competition.

By Chris Vavra, Content Specialist April 8, 2013

LED notification appliances

The Wheelock Exceder Series from Cooper Notification includes LED horn strobes, strobes, and horns in a small, compact single gang design. Cooper Notification’s LED notification appliances allow for energy savings of up to 52%. Using LED as the strobe light source, the product incorporates high-efficiency optics to minimize the current draw. The Wheelock Exceder Series features several candela settings, four mounting options, and the ability to change setting without any tools.

Fire alarm control panels

The FCI 7200 Series fire alarm control panels from Gamewell-CFI have been upgraded to the latest, code-compliant technology of the E3 Series fire alarm and emergency communications system. The ease of installation provided by the 7200 Retrofit Kit, combined with the expandable capacity and backward compatibility inherent in E3 Series systems, can enable facilities to upgrade legacy systems to provide more sophisticated and reliable fire protection. The Retrofit Kit minimizes costs by allowing the electrical components of a E3 Series system to be installed within the existing 7200 panel’s backbox, in addition to utilizing the existing detectors, strobes, speakers, and other System Sensor devices.

Advanced signal analysis

Siemens’ ASAtechnology is a software-based solution that, in real time, dynamically compares sensor signal data to sophisticated algorithms to accurately and reliably differentiate between a fire emergency and harmless smoke, steam, or dust. Siemens’ multi-criteria fire detectors integrate five sensors (including two optical for forward/ backward scattering, two thermal, and one CO, depending on model) in a single detector. Through ASAtechnology, Siemens fire detectors quickly process the sensor array’s signals to determine alarm or monitoring status to provide for the earliest detection of smoke, heat, and CO in any environment. They also feature 26 selectable detection profiles and nine field selectable temperature settings.

Fire alarm, emergency communications system

The Farenhyt Emergency Communications System (ECS) by Silent Knight provides fire protection and a system for broadcasting real-time communications within a facility. The Farenhyt ECS line delivers real-time communications over a supervised system that meets NFPA 72, UL 2572, and U.S. Dept. of Defense standards. As many as seven Farenhyt ECS remote command units can tie into a facility’s Farenhyt ECS and be conveniently placed throughout a facility to provide a quick means for live paging to specific areas of a facility. It is UL listed and meets mass notification system requirements of a local operator console.

Fire incident command software

Simplex TrueSite Incident Commander technology by SimplexGrinnell provides full graphical maps, high-resolution touchscreen display, and wide-ranging command and control features—all in a space-efficient PC platform that can be mounted right inside a Simplex 4100ES (eServices) fire alarm control panel cabinet. Simplex TrueSite Incident Commander’s graphical interface and information management capabilities are designed to provide operator efficiency, fast emergency response, centralized management of life-safety information, and efficient utilization. It is integrated right into a Simplex 4100ES fire alarm control panel, meaning advanced life-safety information management capabilities are available without the need for a separate workstation.

Pre-assembled sprinkler fitting system

Victaulic’s pre-assembled system for the VicFlex Flexible Stainless Steel Sprinkler Fitting line includes a pre-assembled VicFlex Series AQB (braided) or Series AQU (corrugated) system featuring a broad line of recessed and concealed pendent sprinklers as well as short and long elbow reducers. A variety of optional accessories to speed up installation are also available including the Victaulic FireLock Style 922 Outlet T for fast, mechanical hole-cut branch-line installation; VicFlex reducers for Series AQI institutional block wall applications; and the VicFlex 90-deg elbows for Series AQB installations in tight spaces.

Braided hose for sprinkler system

The AH2 Braided Hose Series by Victaulic is kink-resistant and offers a tight bend radius at 2 in. for easy installation. The hose also offers an improved hydraulic performance with a 50% lower friction loss over corrugated systems. The improved corrugation and braided technology reduces the effort needed to bend the hose, allowing for better shape retention and ease of bending. The Series AH2 Braided Hose is both UL listed and FM approved in combination with the Style AB1 Bracket.

Fire suppression system

The Victaulic Vortex 500 fire suppression system is designed specifically for information technology spaces. It utilizes both water and nitrogen in a combined suspension to cool the hazard area and remove the oxygen that sustains the fire. The swirling distribution fills the hazard space at 40 mph and extinguishes the fire with little to no water presence. The system can be utilized in a sealed or open space with no requirement of room integrity and can be reset. Additionally, the system seamlessly integrates with alarm and detection systems as well as facility security technology.

Aspirating smoke detector plus monitoring

VESDA ECO Ex by Xtralis is a dual aspirating smoke and gas detector that provides multi-hole aspirating gas detector protection from both fire and gas threats in powerful yet cost-effective configurations. It is approved for use within Class I, Division 2, and Zone 2 classified hazardous locations. It must be used with a similarly approved VESDA ASD and installed within the Class I, Division 2, or Zone 2 area. Other features include factory calibrated sensor cartridges, configurable relays, and 4 to 20 mA analog outputs.

Early warning aspirating smoke detector

The VESDA VLC-EX by Xtralis has been specifically designed to provide all the benefits of aspirating smoke detection, including very early warning, for protecting hazardous applications with Zone 2 classification. The VLC-EX combines VESDA detection technology with a modified aspirator design, incorporating them into an IP54-rated stainless steel enclosure. Other features include a clean air barrier, optics protection, and three alarm levels and programmable relays for more fluid communication. It also has an optional remote display and relay capability.

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