Fire, Life Safety, and Mass Notification

Finalists in the Fire, Life Safety, and Mass Notification category for the 2012 Product of the Year competition.

By Emma Renee Dutton, Content Specialist April 16, 2012

Mass notification system

Cooper Notification’s mass notification system with WAVES High Power Speaker Array (HPSA) 7100 Series has been scaled and designed for stand-alone applications in the fire alarm market, and can be integrated with a facility’s existing audio source, including voice-capable fire alarm control panels and paging systems. Vertical line speaker arrays provide a narrow vertical output pattern, which focuses sound at audiences with less distortion due to reflections; the amplifier is better than 90% efficient with less than 0.1% total harmonic distortion. Low current draw, improved battery standby time, increased battery life, and fewer speakers/drivers result in a reliable, low-maintenance system.

Fire/smoke damper monitoring system

The Ruskin Inspector is a fire/smoke damper monitoring system that includes a control panel, a fire/smoke damper interface, and a digital I/O device for the continuous monitoring and automated testing of dampers. Product activity is logged and viewable for diagnostics and preventative maintenance using a solid-state panel PC with no moving parts. Factory programming of the system is job-site specific, and the closest distribution board powers the devices. A twisted-pair network cable can connect up to 60 devices per network channel. This system allows for phased commissioning and future expansion with open and interoperable protocol and optional online remote access.

Firefighter telephone control system

The Farenhyt IFP-FFT firefighter phone system developed by Silent Knight by Honeywell provides supervision, annunciation, and control for local and remote telephone handsets. With a single loop of wire, this system supports 72 connections with up to 10 phones in concurrent use. Phone activation and corresponding trouble conditions are detected by the fully supervised system and displayed on the FFT’s main panel, which firefighters also use to control local and remote handsets. Compatible accessories for the system include remote handsets, a handset cabinet, handset jacks, a lockable cabinet with connected handset, and a connected telephone cabinet with breakable glass.

Strobe and speaker expander plates

System Sensor designed the SpectrAlert Advance dual strobe and dual strobe with speaker expander plates to lower cost and improve aesthetics for emergency communications system and mass notification system applications. The expander plates combine the functions of two to three notification devices on a single mounting plate and back box, and they can be easily installed by one person. These strobe and strobe speaker expander plates are designed for use in 12 or 24 V systems, and they use an amber lens strobe for private mode general utility signaling that meets Dept. of Defense specification requirements.

Desktop notification and positioning system

SARA’s eMessenger from Status Solutions is an alerting capability that extends mass notification to the desktop, enabling emergency as well as non-emergency information to be delivered as browser-based, pop-up alerts on PC screens. Pop-up alerts can appear as color-coded text, audio, or a combination of both and always show up in a window or full screen regardless of the application in use. Future versions of the module will support both video and text alerts to PCs and mobile devices including tablets. SARA’s eMessenger is an add-on to SARA (Situational Awareness and Response Assistant), an automated alerting engine that integrates disparate alarm systems, sending managed voice and text alerts to designated communication devices for faster, more efficient emergency response and includes a patent-pending positioning system for mobile duress. SARA mitigates risk by ensuring that the right people get the right information on the right devices in real time to protect people, property, and business.

Smoke detection system

Industrial VESDA VLI is a smoke detection system developed by Xtralis for fire protection in harsh environments. Features include absolute detection thresholds, clean-air barriers for optics protection, air filtration, and protection against dust and water spray. The smoke detector’s filter is designed to reduce contamination in the sampled air, improving longevity and reducing service and maintenance. Without the need for application engineering, the system monitors detection chamber background with an in-service confirmation. A modular design allows for field replacement of the intelligent filter, aspirator, secondary filter, and detection chamber, and the aspirator enables pipe lengths of up to 1,200 ft.

Open-area smoke detection system

The open-area smoke imaging detection (OSID) system designed by Xtralis features an emitter that sends both IR- and UV-coded light signals to the imaging sensor, which enables the system to discriminate between real smoke and other objects, including steam and dust. The wide-angle imager compensates for vibrations and building movement, and can locate and lock in an emitter that is roughly aligned. Up to seven emitters can be used concurrently with a single imager, each placed at different heights to provide volumetric coverage. Absolute calibration provides detection up to 492 ft regardless of lighting conditions, smoke color, airflows, or other environmental conditions.

Local operator console

Gamewell-FCI by Honeywell designed a second version of its local operator console (LOC) used to remotely control emergency messaging and system operation. A telephone and 16 programmable switches allow this LOC-TEL to direct prerecorded and live voice messages to any designated area within a facility. A lower-cost alternative, it meets the mass notification requirements of LOCs as mandated by the Dept. of Defense. The INI-VG integrated voice gateway can support up to 16 LOC-TEL, and each LOC-TEL can support one INCC-TEC and one AOM-TELF telephone control module. This LOC’s 16-gauge steel backbox features a wide-screen Lexan window and a keylock or optional thumb quarter turn latch.

Smoke and CO detector

NOTIFIER by Honeywell designed the IntelliQuad PLUS detector, offering carbon monoxide (CO) detection with smoke detection and nuisance alarm rejection as part of an ONYX series fire alarm system that quickly verifies a true fire or CO emergency. One unit combines four sensing elements for smoke, CO, light/flame, and heat. Separate signals for CO and smoke allow the system to respond appropriately based on the event type. When combined with the addressable B200S sounder base, the IntelliQuad PLUS serves as an affordable alternative for commercial sleeping spaces, eliminating the need for a separate CO detector, smoke detector, mini horn, monitor modules, and associated wiring and junction boxes.

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