Explosion-proof LED light fixture

The 50 W hazardous area LED light fixture is a fully integrated unit designed for recessed panel mounting.

By Larson Electronics December 6, 2016

The HALD-24-1X50 LED is designed to provide operators with an alternative to traditional hazardous location luminaires. This explosion-proof fixture is a 2×2 Class 1 Division 1 lay-in LED light panel with a T5 temperature rating, and it is a fully integrated LED unit. The LED assembly is protected by an aluminum frame and a hinged 3/16-in. thick poly-carbonate door that provides direct front access to the internal components. The lamp housing is designed for recessed mounting, features multiple LED drivers, and provides 5,834 lumens of light while drawing only 50 W of power. The housing is specially designed to dissipate heat and requires a mounting hole to be made in booth panels capable of accommodating the fixture housing to provide the maximum amount of space in paint spray booth enclosures. This light is multi-voltage capable and can be operated at 100- to 277-Vac without any need for a special ballast.

Larson Electronics