Expert: Green building needs to push further

A construction expert with the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research is urging built-environmental professionals need to embrace "transformative" structures in order to further the green-building cause.

By Source: Christy van der Merwe, Engineering News Online March 22, 2009

According to Engineering News Online , a construction-sector expert is urging built-environment professionals to go further with green building and create structures that transform their surroundings.

New Zealand-based Council for Scientific and Industrial Research’s (CSIR) construction sector expert Llewellyn van Wyk said that “if green buildings are to gain credibility, they must include, respect, and even have reverence for the multidimensional and evolving potential of the human experience, way beyond the indoor and external environment.”

Van Wyk said that while putting up environmentally friendly buildings constituted a good start, he added that especially in developing nations, green building could be an instrument of transformation, and infrastructure should focus on growth that’s economically sound, environmentally friendly, socially responsible, and can positive impact citizens’ lives.

“The promise of green building inherently has in it this notion of transforming a built environment, leading to a sustainable future,” he said, adding that sustainable development could be described as a “process of change,” in which the use of resources, investment, technology, and institutional changed all worked together for the better.

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