Expanded MasterFormat Updated for 21st Century

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff November 19, 2004

MasterFormat 2004 is here.

Last updated in 1995, the latest incarnation of the construction information organizational tool, released less than two weeks ago, has undergone the most significant revision in its 40-year history.

According to the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI), which publishes MasterFormat , the changes respond to rapid growth in the amount and complexity of construction information. As such, new divisions were added to the previous 16-division structure, which now breaks out segements such as fire protection, HVAC and plumbing, but also addresses areas such as computer and telecommunications networks and integrated building automation systems. Additionally, new divisions place emphasis on post-9/11 security and life-safety concerns, sustainable design and power generation.

The new edition also illustrates efforts toward improved ease of use, employing a new six-digit numbering system for sections in each division and allowing for more room for future expansion within divisions. In fact, 16 of the 50 division numbers are earmarked for new products, practices and priorities.

A CD-ROM is included with the print version that features a transition matrix matching the 1988 and 1995 edition titles and numbers to their 2004 equivalents. Further easing the transition to the latest version, next year CSI will begin providing education sessions to address the differences between the 1995 and 2004 editions, as well as best-practice concepts. A MasterFormat Accredited Instructor Program will also launch next year. Additionally, educational sessions will be held at the 49th CSI Show and Convention in Chicago, April 19-24.

For more information or to order MasterFormat 2004 Edition go to csinet.org .

And for additional MasterFormat 2004 coverage see the In the News section of CSE’s December print edition.