Energy-efficiency education dashboard

QA Gateway implements Raspberry Pi technology that allows user to compare and share building data in the form of an education dashboard.

By GA Graphics October 17, 2016

QA Gateway is now built with Raspberry Pi technology that uses DSA’s open source IoT platform and data managing software. The QA Gateway enables communication between the Energy Efficiency Education Dashboards application and the BAS gateway. Some features of the Rasp Pi 3 used in the QA Gateway device include open source runs on Linux 1.2 GHz processor, 1GB ram, and longer battery life. The new communication channel allows data collection via BACnet or Modbus protocol networked to the Data Manager. QA Graphic’s Data Manager captures data from the QA Gateway using Microsoft SQL. Built using Microsoft .NET framework to run as a Windows service, the Data Manager is the backend application serves as the middleware between the BAS gateway and the Energy Efficiency Education Dashboards. QA Graphic’s Data Manager has the ability to import and export historical data and create manual entry points or add existing points from the BAS. 

QA Graphics