Energy benchmarking as a service

This webinar will show key differences between a company that benchmarks energy on a project basis and one that delivers it as a service

By Energy Management Association (EMA) September 9, 2021
Courtesy: EMA



Energy benchmarking with ENERGY STAR’s Portfolio Manager creates opportunities when it is implemented as an ongoing service to position the solution provider as a trusted advisor. Tracking and benchmarking energy use for client properties positions facility service companies as conscious of their clients cost and accountable for recommendations. The result is better client retention, differentiation, and ultimately better profit margins.

Even knowing this, many firms still approach energy benchmarking as a one-time engagement focused on winning a specific project or meeting a specific client request. The reason is that the shift to energy benchmarking as an ongoing service requires companies to commit to and support a more streamlined benchmarking process, dedicate operational resources, and deliver consistent energy benchmarking reports to clients.

This webinar will outline the key differences between a company that benchmarks energy on a project basis and one that consistently delivers energy benchmarking as a service. It will cover the key elements of an energy benchmarking service and how they fit together in an ideal service design. Ultimately, attendees will learn key concepts and best practices for developing a robust ongoing energy benchmarking service using ENERGY STAR’s Portfolio Manager.

Learning Objectives

  • Review the opportunity to position your business as a trusted advisor using Portfolio Manager benchmarking.
  • Define the difference between Portfolio Manager energy benchmarking as a project versus an ongoing service.
  • Identify the key concepts and designs for an ongoing energy benchmarking service
  • Outline a plan for piloting and launching a benchmarking service.

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