Emergency, on-site, standby power

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By Chris Vavra, Content Specialist April 8, 2013

High-density UPS

Active Power’s CleanSource High Density (CSHD) 750 kVA UPS product line is designed for data center environments and other mission critical operations. CSHD is a three-phase, line interactive UPS system that has been optimized for cost, efficiency, and overall system performance. The innovative engineering approach to the design and development of CSHD dramatically improves upon its successful predecessor, the CleanSource UPS 300 kVA product line. The CSHD has a 750 kVA power rating and delivers up to 97% efficiency at full load.

LED emergency lighting line

The Sure-Lites PathLinx emergency lighting line by Cooper Lighting utilizes Cooper’s AccuLED Optics system, resulting in expanded remote capability of up to four remote LED heads. The optics can rotate a full 360-deg, while the lens swivel feature allows 348-deg rotation with 104-deg tilt. This provides flexibility and precise control of the light patterns on floor, as well as the light’s forward-throw. The Sure-Lites PathLinx series allows installers to reduce the cost of labor and materials including RJ45 connectors. The EZ Click Ethernet connection feature allows remote units to connect to the base emergency light without a conduit or junction box.

UPS for IT systems

Eaton’s 9PX UPS for 5 to 11 kVA applications provides a power protection solution for IT and facility managers striving to control energy costs and consumption. The 9PX UPS is suitable for IT equipment in computer rooms and small data centers. The 9PX is tailored to main distribution frame and intermediate distribution frame applications equipped with high-density network switches. A graphical LCD interface built into the front of the UPS tilts 45-deg for optimal viewing and rotates to match rack and tower installations.

Double conversion UPS system

The UL-listed Liebert NX 225-600 kVA UPS by Emerson Network Power is available for global regions with 480 V, 60 Hz applications. The scalable UPS system offers data centers a backup power solution that provides the flexibility to grow incrementally without requiring infrastructure renovations. Softscale technology allows the Liebert NX 225-600 kVA to be sized to current power requirements and easily scaled up to a larger capacity. In normal, double-conversion mode, the Liebert UPS operates at 95% or higher efficiency during typical 40% to 80% loading. During Intelligent Eco-mode operation, the Liebert NX 225-600 kVA UPS operates at efficiencies up to 99%.

UPS protection for data centers

The Liebert NXL 1100 kVA/1100 kW UPS by Emerson Network Power offers medium to large data centers a high level of operating efficiency. The transformer-based UPS system is UL and CSA listed and is available globally for 60 Hz applications—480, 575, or 600 Vac. The Liebert NXL 1100 kVA/1100 kW UPS provides operating efficiency at typical load levels in double conversion mode of up to 98% efficiency when operating in Intelligent Eco-Mode. The Liebert NXL UPS battery ground fault isolation results in normal system operation even under battery ground fault conditions. The Liebert NXL UPS is available in many configurations, including single module, 1+N distributed bypass, and N+1 central bypass.

Diesel industrial configured generators

Generac Industrial Power’s modular power 400 to 600 kW diesel industrial configured generators for both single and paralleled emergency and standby solutions utilize Perkins diesel engines and have standardized the frames and enclosures housing the engines. Generac’s 400 kW generators offer a Perkins 12.5 L engine, the 500 kW units are powered by the Perkins 15.2 L engine, and the 600 kW generators contain the Perkins 18.1 L engine. The line of base fuel tanks is standardized as well. The 500 and 600 kW nodes offer a pre-installed enclosure from the factory, thus improving installation time. They also feature an exhaust hood that mounts to the muffler system, reducing sound harshness.

Aluminum lugs, splices

Blackburn Copper-Clad Aluminum Lugs and Splices from Thomas & Betts are designed exclusively for termination on copper-clad aluminum (CCA) cable and have been UL listed. The lugs and splices are compatible with Thomas & Betts’ HEX-FLEX Die System, an indent-style crimping system that enables die identification on the crimp for traceability, and feature the Color-Keyed Compression System to help ensure proper connections. Blackburn Copper-Clad Aluminum Lugs and Splices properly compress CCA cable for maximum pull-out force and longevity. They also are designed with an oxide inhibitor pre-applied in their barrels.

Clamps for solar panels

Kindorf Solar Panel Fittings from Thomas & Betts come with Solar Panel Hold-Down Clamps and a Solar Panel Grounding Washer with features that enable fast and easy installation. Kindorf Solar Panel Hold-Down Clamps are available in “T” and “L” configurations, and feature hardware that is pre-assembled on the clamp and a channel nut that is staked to the bolt to save time. The Kindorf Solar Panel Grounding Washer, also designed to save time, features slotting that eliminates the need to disassemble the clamp assembly for installation. Both the Kindorf Solar Panel Hold-Down Clamps and the Kindorf Solar Panel Grounding Washer are compatible with 1-1/2- and 15/8-in. strut systems.

Surge protection devices

Thomas & Betts Power Solutions’ line of Current Technology Select (SL3) surge protection devices (SPDs) offers selenium-enhanced protection from utility-induced switching surges. In addition to protection, Current Technology SL3 SPDs also feature an advanced power quality monitoring system with remote accessibility via ModBus and Ethernet, which helps the user identify and quantify critical power quality issues. Current Technology SL3 SPDs also provide true single- and repetitive-surge test data that fully comply with engineering specifications.

Infrared scanning port

The Cyberex IR Port by Thomas & Betts Power Solutions is a hexagonal portal with up to a 12.6-sq-in. expanded viewing aperture diameter and has a polymer construction. The polymer material provides great structural integrity for a larger portal size. The Cyberex IR Port is integrated into data center equipment for visual monitoring of power connections and terminations. Its integration eliminates the need to shut down for inspection and the need to remove panels, which reduces the risk of arc flash incidents. The Cyberex IR Port also includes drawings and information about critical connections behind the portal to use as a reference for scanning.

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