Electrical/ Motors and Drives FINALISTS

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff June 28, 2005
ACH550 Drive Low-Voltage AC Drives by ABB, Inc.
AC adjustable-frequency drives with 1 to 500-hp capability have control panels modeled after cell phone design, interface and functionality, and were created “from scratch,” based on listening to customer needs, according to the manufacturer. The “Assistant,” via the control panel, asks users for motor nominal values, I/O configuration and application-specific parameters (acceleration and deceleration), and uses this information to control the specified motor and process. A built-in real-time clock logs actual date and time of faults, as well as operating data, and if a fault occurs, the online assistant will suggest fixes. The drive also monitors energy consumption, running hours and motor revolutions, and users can set limits for these items and will receive an alarm when these limits are reached. Various automation protocols are built in and BACnet is a loadable option. www.abb-drives.com
CurrentGuard Plus by Danaher Power Solutions
Transient voltage surge suppressors all feature dual component-level fusing (overcurrent and thermal); 200kAIC fault rating without the need for an upstream breaker or fuse; up to 6,500 repetitive surge current capability; surge counter; ultra-compact, weatherproof NEMA 4 steel enclosure; and built-in UL 1283 EMI/RFI filter. Maximum surge current ratings for the units range from 60 kA per mode (120 kA per phase) to 200 kA per mode (400 kA per phase), and repetitive surge current ratings range from 3,500 to 6,500 impulses per mode—based on test data—depending on the model. All models employ the manufacturer’s Z-Path System, which is said to ensure equal current sharing, increased reliability and maximum performance.
Snake Bus by Snake Tray
Power-distribution system for data centers is preconfigured for 50-amp/3-phase/208-volt service, providing up to 15 kW of power in one track. Installations and retrofits are accomplished with tap-offs that deliver power to individual devices anywhere along the track with a 10-sec. connection. Available in 4-ft. and 8-ft. snap-together lengths to configure to any size power distribution system, the components can be mounted underfloor and require only two inches of vertical space. Each track employs a snap-fit coupler and adjustable support brackets, eliminating lost or mislaid parts. Casings are made from galvanized steel and conductors from high-conductivity copper. www.snaketray.com