Electric motor for manufacturing, building maintenance

Digital Variable Reluctance Smart Motor brings electric motors into the 21st Century.

By DVR Technology Developments May 11, 2015

The DVR Smart Motor is perfect for a variety of applications in manufacturing and building maintenance. The DVR motor has technology that allows the motor to merge with the application, with a wide speed range and high torque and power at low rpm. The motor has no brushes, permanent magnets, or electrical connection to moving parts, and no current flow in the rotor. It also has the ability to turn off and on with no power spike. The Smart Technology can also detect the input power source. The DVR’s micro-processor and software constantly monitors conditions. The DVR technology also communicates with human machine interfaces (HMIs) and other machines to adjust its behavior and can also source information from the smart grid. Some of the key technology components of the DVR Smart Motor are the customizable HMI, the Wireless Remote, USB compatibility, 10 I/O Sensors, and the HMI Software.

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