Education Session: Specifying Generator Set Fuel Sources

By attending this course attendees will learn about gaseous generator sets, and how NFPA 110 affects their specifications.

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer October 7, 2021

The installation of gaseous generator sets in a wide variety of applications continues to rise in North America while facility performance requirements, codes and standards are often most closely linked to their traditional diesel counterparts.

As natural gas and propane fueled generator sets reach the market with “diesel-like” performance, it’s critical to understand how best to apply these products to maximize the value they provide.

This course on Specifying Generator Set Fuel Sources will provide an overview of gaseous generator set capabilities in various applications and will empower participants to recognize how to best apply gaseous generator sets to meet common performance and NFPA 110 requirements. Register for this Oct. 19, 2021, education session. This Fall 2021 Virtual Training Week course is taught by Mark Taylor, Technical Advisor, Cummins.

Registration is free for all coursework. Complete information about Fall 2021 Virtual Training Week is available online.