Developing Technology to Improve Half-bridge Ballast Performance

Engineers have developed a circuitry modification that could change the performance and popularity of compact fluorescent lighting.

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff June 18, 2007

Engineers from PureSpectrum, Inc., Savannah, Ga.,

In response to feedback received during meetings with major lighting manufacturershile retaining high levels of energy efficiency and without degrading the lifespan of the plasma which lights the fluorescent tube.

According to recent independent tests performed by NVLAP-accredited testing facility Intertek, PureSpectrumo create circuitry that is claimed to eliminate illumination delays without sacrificing bulb longevity. 

While manufacturers have already demonstrated interest in

Vanatta said the capability to license technology that would enhance manufacturers’ existing product lines provides additional incentive to consider a partnership with PureSpectrum.

“What we are building is a series of pragmatic technological developments which correct what we understand to be recurring consumer complaints about the CFL bulb,” said Vanatta, who said the company plans to file a provisional patent application in the near future to protect the hybrid technology. “We want to aim our technology at directly addressing the demands of the consumers who will be using CFL bulbs. We believe what we are working on has the potential to make the CFL bulb more popular with consumers, ultimately leading to our manufacturing partners selling more bulbs.”