Current-limiting protector

The CLiP-LV design protects under-rated equipment from damage and mitigates arc flash.

By G&W Electric July 28, 2015

The CLiP-LV Current Limiting Protector is presently rated for continuous currents of 4,000 A in applications to 750 Vac. It incorporates field-resettable-trigger level ranges and interrupt capabilities up to 100 kA. It also protects against bolted faults and prevents severe stress that can shorten the life of source side generators, breakers, and transformers. This includes protection against cumulative transformer through-fault damage. The CLiP-LV senses faults electronically, permitting a more specific and predictable operating point, and the parallel current-limiting fuse of the CLiP-LV is not subject to aging. In the event of a fault, a current limiter will trigger only on the faulted phase.

G&W Electric