Cooling tower motor selection software

Baldor's cooling tower motor selection software offers stock packages and cost savings analysis.

By Baldor Electric Company April 25, 2017

Baldor Electric Company’s latest version of the Cooling Tower Wizard (3.0.0) is a sizing and selection program for Direct Drive Cooling Tower (DDCT), and provides users a stock motor and drive solution as well as a custom designed package based on specific application parameters. It also includes an annual operating cost comparison between a new direct drive package and a traditional gearbox or belted solution. The DDCT motor combines the field-proven and power dense ac laminated frame RPM ac motor with a high-performance interior permanent magnet (IPM) salient pole rotor design. The motor is paired with an adjustable speed drive. A direct drive solution offers the benefit of variable speed control while eliminating the cost and maintenance required for traditional gearbox or belted solutions. The fan couples directly to the motor and is controlled by a unique ac drive to provide reduced maintenance, energy consumption, and quieter operation.