Consulting-Specifying Engineer most-viewed HVAC articles in 2023

Read the best articles about HVAC including HVAC systems, regulating HVAC, HVAC design and more.

By Tyler Wall September 28, 2023
Figure 1: BACnet device profiles. Courtesy: SmithGroup

Consulting-Specifying Engineer’s top 5 articles online about HVAC posted over the last year covered HVAC systems, regulating HVAC, HVAC design and more.

1. How building automation, controls help HVAC systems

Learn how buildings can become smarter using building automation systems and building controls.

2. Regulating HVAC with VRF systems

Variable refrigerant flow systems have a lot to offer as an alternative HVAC system

3. Trends, changes in data center HVAC design

Several trends are pushing the HVAC systems in data centers in different directions

4. Your questions answered: Pairing VRF with applied HVAC solutions

In this Q&A, learn how Linear Expansion Valve (LEV) Kits help pair VRF with applied HVAC solutions for more flexibility to meet a building’s specific load, airflow, and application requirements.

5. Your questions answered about HVAC: Labs and research facilities

After the Aug. 11, 2022, webcast, the presenters answered several questions left open during the presentation

Author Bio: Tyler Wall is an associate editor for CFE Media and Technology