Consulting-Specifying Engineer most viewed content: May 2024

Read the best content from May 2024 that covers topics including heat pumps, 40 Under 40 winners and emergency illumination systems

By Anna Steingruber June 3, 2024
Figure 2: Test button and LED indicator provided for the adjacent general-purpose downlight fixture with battery backup. Courtesy: SHP

1. 2024 40 Under 40 winners announced

How does a 40 Under 40 winner balance work, innovation, community and family? Read on for more

2. Compare emergency illumination systems for life safety

Emergency illumination and lighting designers need a basic understanding of the various emergency lighting systems and how they compare

3. Case study: How to save money on EV charging equipment

A university implemented a comprehensive EV plan with 100 chargers, including 50-amp Level 2- and 200-kilowatt Level 3 chargers for fleet vehicles

4. Five best practices for integrating renewable energy in commercial building design

Incorporating renewable energy into commercial building design is essential for sustainability and efficiency. Five best practices are highlighted on how to achieve this

5. Know these three steps when defining an EV fleet’s goals

Understand three things when designing an electric vehicle (EV) fleet for a city

6. How to understand a company’s approach to efficiency, modularity and resiliency

BlackRock and Syska Hennessy employed a variety of mechanical strategies, including a “building within a building,” DOAS, UFAD and dual-temperature chiller plant, to achieve energy efficiency, modularity and resiliency at BlackRock’s new headquarters at 50 Hudson Yards in New York City

7. What to know: ATS, UPS, coordination in mission critical facilities

Read this transcript and watch the on-demand webcast to learn more about ATS, UPS and selective coordination in mission critical facilities

8. How do press fittings fit into the next HVAC/R project?

RLS’s new showroom and training options help engineers better understand how press fittings can be included in HVAC/R projects

9. An overview of fire alarm notification strategies

A review of several fire alarm notification strategies that are permitted by the IBC, NFPA 101 and NFPA 72

10. Your questions answered about smart buildings: Knowing what a client wants

Engineers should ask themselves and their client several questions when designing a smart building

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