Consulting-Specifying Engineer most-viewed articles, November 2020

Read the best articles in November 2020 including: Commercial building wiring methods, hospital ventilation, 2020 Commissioning Giants and more.

By Chris Vavra December 1, 2020

Consulting-Specifying Engineer‘s top 10 articles online in November 2020 covered commercial building wiring methods, hospital ventilation, 2020 Commissioning Giants and more. Catch up with a link to each article below.

1. Back to basics: Commercial building wiring methods – Electrical engineers and designers should have a practical understanding for the application of raceways, wiring, cabling and busways.

2. Navigating hospital ventilation design during COVID-19 COVID-19 has impacted ventilation design considerations in health care settings in a prominent way.

3. 2020 Commissioning Giants – The 2020 Commissioning Giants data reports on the top 25 firms.

4. Salaries climb while bonuses dropAre your salary, bonuses and current work conditions on par with others in the industry? Review the current report to learn where you rank among your peers.

5. Modular electric rooms are the new normalModular electric rooms (MERs) are built out with electrical infrastructure that can be rapidly deployed at a data center facility and are becoming more common.

6. Students, tech, COVID drive higher ed design – College and university building design is being driven by student needs, technology and new air quality demands.

7. How virtual design, artificial intelligence impact engineersArchitecture, engineering and construction professionals will be impacted by virtual design and artificial intelligence tools.

8. Harnessing an interdisciplinary team for resilient design By collaborating with an interdisciplinary team, engineers can offer high-value, holistic solutions that promote resilient design for buildings and sites of all types.

9. UV light used for aerosol disinfection in unoccupied classroomsResearchers at Penn State are using a grant to investigate whether aerosol disinfection of classrooms using UV light could be effective in the fight against COVID-19 and other diseases.

10. How to select a building automation systemExplore the specification of standard, open and proprietary building automation systems.

Author Bio: Chris Vavra is web content manager for CFE Media and Technology.