Consulting-Specifying Engineer most-viewed articles, May 2020

Read the best articles in May 2020 including: Coronavirus' impacts on consulting engineers, hospitals, patients, the MEP supply chain and more.

By Chris Vavra June 1, 2020

Consulting-Specifying Engineer‘s top 10 articles online in May 2020 covered 40 Under 40 winners, expert COVID-19 advice, NFPA 13-2019 revisions and more. Catch up with a link to each article below.

1. 2020 40 Under 40 winners announced  These 2020 40 Under 40 winners have what it takes to lead the building industry to a higher level.

2. Ask an expert: COVID-19 advice from Ruairi M. Barnwell Both engineering and business topics are covered in this Q&A with Ruairi M. Barnwell.

3. Interpreting revisions to NFPA 13-2019 Know how to navigate the restructured NFPA 13 sprinkler standard and understand technical changes.

4. What’s so important about air filtration? Filters are ubiquitous in air handling systems, so it’s helpful to understand the different options for filters and to learn about how they function.

5. COVID-19 and the impacts to the workplaceThe Bala Consulting Engineers COVID-19 Task Force has published a white paper to assist engineers in making buildings safer.

6. Inside the ICU: A look at COVID-19 on the front lineKaelee Stone, an ICU nurse in Lincoln, Neb., offers a look at the impact COVID-19 is having on a personal level and on the hospital and the community at large.

7. Leveraging data to make mechanical systems smarter Analyzing building data can help to uncover and predict mechanical problems, as well as equip building operations and maintenance staff with and information to be more proactive and efficient while optimizing resources.

8. Guidance for reopening decommissioned healthcare facilities to accommodate COVID-19 patients Healthcare organizations across the country are facing an unprecedented need for safe and additional spaces for COVID-19 care, which is leading to some looking at decommissioned healthcare facilities.

9. University rec center converted to COVID-19 care center The California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo’s Recreation Center has been converted into a COVID-19 care center.

10. Integrating building systems through controls By considering updated controls architecture, integrating building systems together becomes much more attainable and streamlined.

Author Bio: Chris Vavra is senior editor for WTWH Media LLC.