Consulting-Specifying Engineer most-viewed articles, July 2021

Read the best articles in July 2021 including: Microgrid energy storage, transformer protection, chiller energy optimization, Product of the Year finalists and more.

By Chris Vavra August 2, 2021

Consulting-Specifying Engineer‘s top 10 articles online in July 2021 posted over the last three months covered microgrid energy storage, transformer protection, chiller energy optimization, Product of the Year finalists and more. Catch up with a link to each article below.

1. Energy storage plays a key role in microgrids – Energy storage systems can provide robustness to a microgrid installation by improving resiliency of the electrical supply and creating an ROI for the stakeholders.

2. Transformer protection is essential for reliable powerTransformer protection is vital to ensure that one of the most expensive and important pieces of equipment in a power system can stay in service.

3. Chiller energy optimization systems versus building automation systems Learn the nuances of a chiller energy optimization system operates contrasted with a building automation system.

4. 2021 Product of the Year Finalists: Vote now! – Who will win gold in 2021? Consulting-Specifying Engineer announces the finalists for the 17th annual Product of the Year competition, and readers will have the final word. Cast your votes online.

5. The evolution of medical gas systems design – Medical gas systems design has changed, and is outlined in NFPA 99: Health Care Facilities Code.

6. Strategies to improve chiller plant performance, efficiencyLearn how to design chilled water systems that meet the thermal comfort demands and achieve operational and energy efficiencies.

7. Survey finds majority of companies used subpar HVAC solutions in response to COVID-19 – Nearly 60% of companies spent over $500,000, 26% spent more than $5M to upgrade, install HVAC systems.

8. Your questions answered: Power for emergency fire/life safety systems Questions not answered during the live webcast are answered here; learn more about emergency, standby and backup power for fire and life safety systems.

9. Specifying HVAC systems in manufacturing, warehouse buildings – Warehouse, manufacturing and logistics facilities need engineering experts to specify various HVAC and plumbing systems.

10. Your questions answered: Electrical distribution systems – Questions left unanswered during the “Electrical distribution systems” webcast are answered here.

Author Bio: Chris Vavra is senior editor for WTWH Media LLC.