Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2015 Product of the Year finalists: Lighting fixtures, luminaires

Read about the 15 finalists in the Lighting Fixtures and Luminaires category for the Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2015 Product of the Year program.

By Amanda Pelliccione April 6, 2015

High bay LED

The Big Ass High Bay LED from Big Ass Light is made of stamped sheet metal; the LED is constructed from a solid piece of heavy-duty extruded aluminum. Its ribbed fins increase the fixture’s surface area and act as a heat sink, dissipating the heat that shortens the lifespan of LEDs. Its patent-pending lumen maintenance trays protect the LEDs from dirt and debris and redirect light from 55- to 105-deg angles. The Big Ass High Bay LED is a long-term, energy-efficient, and money-saving solution. There is 60-day risk-free trial and a 7-year warranty.

Big Ass Light

LED emergency light with long life

The EVHC high-lumen LED emergency light is an energy-efficient solution for power outages or emergency situations. The EVHC features a front-facing battery compartment providing easy access and maintenance. With up to 83-ft spacing, the EVHC delivers optimized multiple unit spacing and single unit coverage mounting heights from 7 to 20 ft. The coverage is provided by two integrally mounted lamp-heads, each using three high-powered LEDs. The light delivers bright and even illumination with a long life of more than 100,000 hours and a lithium iron phosphate battery life of 5 to 7 years.

Dual-Lite, a Hubbell Lighting brand

Suspended linear LED

The Corelite RZL LED Suspended Luminaire is a linear direct/indirect LED continuous row system that provides high-quality, efficient illumination with high efficacies, surpassing 100 lumems/W, while offering low power consumption. Featuring a refined industrial style with a choice of five shielding variations, the highly advanced LED technology provides beautiful, crisp white light with high color accuracy, uniformity, and low glare. Five light-level options ranging from 3,000 lumens (30 W) to more than 8,000 lumens (84 W) provide the flexibility to satisfy exact requirements for different mounting heights and spacing. The RZL fixture is available in 4-, 8-, and 12-ft modular sections.


LED area luminaire

Using LED technology with precision-molded optics, the Lumark Caretaker luminaire offers greater than 85% in annual energy and maintenance savings. With its rugged construction and versatile mounting options, the Caretaker luminaire is ideal for area and dusk-to-dawn security lighting applications. Designed to replace up to 175-W HID fixtures, the Lumark Caretaker consumes only 50 W while delivering more than 5,200 powerful lumens, with lumen maintenance greater than 84% at 36,000 hours.


Surface-mount LED luminaire

The Portfolio surface-mount product offers customers a luminaire. It offers superior optical performance, low power consumption, low lifecycle cost, multiple mounting configurations, and architectural design. The Portfolio Surface-Mount LED Luminaire is available in five lumen packages ranging from 4,500 to 9,000 lumens; four correlated color temperatures including 2,700, 3,000, 3,500, and 4,000 K; and an 80-color or high-color-quality 90-color rendering index to satisfy more application needs. The luminaire delivers up to 100 lumens/W. It is equipped with a 0- to 10-V or trailing edge standard dimming driver for control.


LED luminaire for parking garages

An energy-efficient alternative to 150 or 250 W metal halide fixtures, the GSL is designed for a range of ceiling applications with 8- to 15-ft mounting heights including parking garages, walkway or building canopies, corridors, tunnels, and large stairwells. Available in two lumen packages ranging from 4,500 to 6,100 at up to 81 lumens/W, the GSL includes field-configurable symmetric and asymmetric lenses. The GSL comes with motion control sensor options.

Hubbell Outdoor Lighting, a Hubbell Lighting brand

LED wallpack with motion sensor option

The LNC2 delivers maximum perimeter illumination for safety, security, and identity. The LNC2 is available in four low-wattage, high-performance configurations, and has a mounting height of 15 ft with 50- to 60-ft fixture spacing. The compact and architectural floodlight delivers illumination for entry/ perimeter applications. Available with two sensor options, the upgraded LNC2 LED wallpack delivers greater control and energy savings. It has a battery backup option for egress applications that provides 1 fc average over 16 ft long by 48 ft wide at 11-ft mounting height.

Hubbell Outdoor Lighting, a Hubbell Lighting brand

Small-scale LED downlights

The Juno 2-in. LED Downlights provide aesthetics from a small-scale, discreet aperture that matches the output of conventional 50-W halogen PAR lamps. These fixtures produce more than 600 lumens of light while consuming only 10 W. The LED luminaires provide fixture-to-fixture color consistency within a 3-step MacAdam Ellipse and are available in color temperatures of 2,700, 3,000, 3,500, and 4,100 K with either 80 or 90 CRI. The Juno 2-in. luminaires feature an exceptional thermal management system, with attachment to a die-cast trim with integral heat sink to provide heat transfer and ensure long life.

Juno Lighting Group

LED precision recessed luminaires

The Aculux 3¼-in. LED luminaires provides commercial lighting designers and specifiers with the ability to emulate the warmth of halogen dimming, commission an exact color temperature post-installation to enhance interior finishes and art, or enable dynamic changing of color temperature to support different moods/space functions throughout the day. In black body dimming mode, the luminaires warm from 3,000 K at 100% output to 1,800 K at 1% output, mirroring the look of halogen dimming. The black body dimming in the luminaires follow the black body locus within a 2-step MacAdam ellipse throughout the entire dimming range for exceptional fixture-to-fixture consistency.

Juno Lighting Group

Mini-cylinder spotlights

Juno Lighting Group’s Generation 2 Trac 12 Mini-Cylinder Spotlights offer light output and distribution of a 20-W MR11 halogen but requires just one-third the energy. The second generation of this series now includes 65% more lumens with no increase in power consumption, as well as a new 3,500 K color temperature and 3-step MacAdam ellipse color performance. The spotlights can be placed anywhere on the Trac, and the Trac can be cut to length during installation. These luminaires are available with spot, narrow flood, and flood beam spread patterns, with 90-deg vertical aiming capability and 360-deg horizontal coverage.

Juno Lighting Group

Low power LED modules

The Juno Trac 12 Low Power LED Modules with WarmDim and saturated colors provide users with a way to emulate the warmth of incandescent dimming or add a splash of green, blue, or red color to cove, casework, niches, or other linear architectural details. The modules are ideal for restaurants, lounges, theaters, lobbies, retail spaces, and multi-residential settings. These fixtures consume ½ to 1½ W. They use economical, commonly available ELV type low-voltage halogen dimmers. The fixtures also offer a rated 50,000-hour service life.

Juno Lighting Group

Downlighting LED faux cans

MaxLite LED Faux Cans make it possible to achieve energy-efficient downlighting in virtually any application. Cans can mount to a standard 4-in. junction box, allowing installers to achieve downlighting without the use of a bulky can. Existing recessed cans are easily retrofitted by using an optional mounting bracket. Equivalent to a 75-W Par 30 halogen lamp, LED Faux Cans are dimmable and offer vivid color rendering with a 90-plus CRI light standard. Available in 4- and 6-in. diameters, and 13- and 15-W outputs, LED Faux Cans feature driverless technology that increases performance and reliability over the fixture’s lifetime.


Linear LED fixtures

MaxLite’s Polygon LED fixtures are available in low bay and parking optic distributions, featuring a soft white translucent diffuser that minimizes glare. The Polygon is suitable for a wide variety of illumination needs, ranging from warehouse sorting to classroom learning. Constructed with a one-piece aluminum chassis and molded end caps, the fixture is serviced through a full-length rear channel. Offered in standard 4- and 8-ft lengths, the fixture comes in three nominal wattages—44, 55, and 80 W—and two color temperatures—3,500 and 5,000 K. The Polygon is 0 to 10 V dimmable using 100 to 277 V drivers.


LEDs to retrofit fluorescent lights

The design of the Orion’s APOLLO Troffer Retrofit Series has simplified retrofitting a fluorescent light to a long-lasting, energy-efficient LED troffer. The LDR is designed to install in approximately 1 minute. It requires no tools for installation, servicing, or adjusting proper fit. It is also fully adjustable to fit existing troffers. This LED solution comes in three aesthetic lens styles: architectural contour, flat panel, and a three panel that can retrofit any 2- by 4-ft or 2- by 2-ft troffer body.

Orion Energy Systems Inc.

Architectural floodlights

These energy-efficient LED floodlights are used to illuminate office buildings, monuments, facades, columns, flag poles, bridges, commercial facilities, mixed retail, apartments, schools, and college campuses. The LED foodlights feature multiple NEMA beam spreads, three color temperatures—3,000, 4,200, and 5,100 K—and shielding options for performance and energy savings. The floodlights are available in a range of colors to match the architecture of a variety of outdoor environments. The colors include: dark bronze, black, gray, white, platinum, red, and forest green. The floodlights are DLC qualified and come with a 5-year warranty.

Spaulding Lighting, a Hubbell Lighting brand

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