Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2015 Product of the Year finalists: Equipment-level sensors and controls

Read about the three finalists in the Equipment-level Sensors and Controls category for the Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2015 Product of the Year program.

By Amanda Pelliccione April 6, 2015

Parallel sensorless pump control

Armstrong Fluid Technology’s PSPC is designed to provide intelligent orchestration of the full pump array using the combined pump performance map. To do so, PSPC deploys a fundamentally different pump staging concept called “best efficiency staging,” which constantly evaluates the optimal number of operating pumps and their ideal speeds against the pressure and flow requirements of the system. This allows the operator to control overall pumping efficiency across a parallel pumping configuration at any given time.

Armstrong Fluid Technology

Automatic transfer switch controller

Eaton’s ATC-900 automatic transfer switch controller is designed to enhance communication between normal and backup power sources to ease management and increase power supply reliability. Intelligent control architecture allows the ATC-900 to meet a vast range of backup power system requirements. In addition, the controller provides flexibility for system expansion with cost-effective add-on modules that can reduce the need for investment in new controllers. The controller is available in one standard model that offers a variety of monitoring and control features including selective and automatic load shedding, remote load testing, and event logging to provide comprehensive transfer switch management.


Grounding/monitoring ring with electrical bearing protection

The AEGIS iPRO-MR Ring combines electrical bearing protection with continuous monitoring of shaft voltage levels from a remote location—all in real time. The iPRO-MR is an AEGIS Shaft Grounding Ring and a shaft monitoring ring in one and is designed for large motors and generators in critical applications that cannot be easily monitored or maintained. With multiple rows of conductive microfibers completely surrounding the shaft, it provides millions of discharge points for harmful shaft currents and is ideal for high-current motors controlled by variable frequency drives, including low-voltage motors over 500 hp, medium-voltage motors, power generators, and OEM systems.

Electro Static Technology

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