Comprehensive Report Identifies Key Concerns for HVAC/R Industry

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff February 6, 2007

Baltimore-based Danfoss, a maker of components, controls, compressors and systems for air-conditioning and refrigeration, has issued a 16-page report that summarizes the key findings from its 2006 EnVisioneering Symposium Series.

“Danfoss 2007 EnVisioneering Insights: An In-Depth Look at Advanced Energy Strategy and Technology” is a comprehensive report of the lively discussions and major findings from the three symposia held in 2006—in Kansas City, Chicago and Washington, DC.

“The purpose of the report is two-fold,” said John Galyen, president of Danfoss Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning, North America.“First, we wanted to identify the key environmental, energy and engineering issues related to policy, market forces and technology.Second, it provides a summary of the major energy and environmental codes, standards and legislation affecting the HVAC/R industry.”

In addition to the findings and reference guide, EnVisioneering Insights features opinion columns written by several thought leaders and a sneak preview of the 2007 EnVisioneering Symposium Series, which will focus on solutions and outcomes to meet short- and long-term energy needs.

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Danfoss launched the EnVisioneering Symposium Series in August 2006 to create an ongoing dialogue among industry, the policy community and thought leaders in research and development. The symposia brought together experts from a variety of professional backgrounds—all with a vested interest in energy issues.

Topics, locations and dates for the 2006 EnVisioneering Symposium Series included:

  • Innovation and the Emerging Energy Challenge

  • The Future of Energy Efficiency Policy: The Role of States

  • Energy Futures: America Responds to 21st Century Energy Challenges