Color control scene switch with UI software

Legrand's Wattstopper DLM Color Control Scene Switch is ideally suited for use in health care facilities, offices, classrooms and training centers, retail spaces, and other applications where preset, scene-based color temperatures are desired.

By Legrand May 1, 2017

The Wattstopper DLM Color Control Scene Switch (LMSW-105-CCT) is a low-voltage controller providing full customization of color temperature with four preset buttons that allow users to set and recall preset lighting color temperature scenes and one button to raise and lower lighting levels. Wattstopper DLM Color Control Schedule Switch (LMTS-101-CCT) allows users to enjoy the benefits of Human Centric Lighting, adjusting CCT (corrected color temperature) levels throughout the day without having to raise a finger. The LMTS-101-CCT enables automatic daylight cycling, replicating the natural sunrise and sunset cycle based on the building’s geographic location, making seasonal adjustments via an astronomical clock. The Commercial Equinox UI software for the Wattstopper Architectural Dimming platform can be installed on Equinox touch screens or downloadable as an app on mobile devices. The UI features intuitive navigation and a simple user experience that make it easy for any level user to control lighting from simple on/off to complex scenes, shades, dynamic white, and color control to divide and combine applications.