Cabinet for raised floor data centers

IsoFlo Cabinet isolates the inlet and exhaust airflow paths for efficient, cost-effective, and flexible data center design and operation.

By Tate March 12, 2015

Tate Airflow’s IsoFlo is a fully contained cabinet designed for data centers. IsoFlo separates the IT airflow from the human occupied space so that a comfortable work environment can be maintained even when excessively warm inlet and exhaust temperatures are being realized. IsoFlo follows
ASHRAE 2011 thermal guidelines for allowable inlet temperatures and can allow for nearly 100% free cooling for the entire year in almost any location. Cabinet level containment allows for increased inlet air temperatures and completely eliminates bypass airflow. Automatic airflow controls allow for simple integration with the building management system and DCIM can provide real time information to the data center manager.

Tate Airflow