Bypass switches for overhead electrical distribution lines

Single-phase disconnect and bypass switches with lightweight polymer provide durable switching, line sectionalizing, and isolation.

By Source: Eaton September 28, 2015

Single-phase disconnect and bypass switches by Eaton provide durable switching, line sectionalizing and isolation on overhead distribution circuits, and reduce switch weight by 40% with UltraSIL polymer insulators. The lightweight polymer makes the Cooper Power series D-73P switches easy to install and increase insulating performance in highly contaminated environments. Eaton’s Cooper Power series switches and disconnects are engineered to support stable high-current capability and full thermal capacity. The high-strength blades are designed to endure short-current withstand and rough operation, while a cooler current transfer path reduces hot-spots and potential failure points. These products serve customers in the utility, commercial, industrial, mining, renewable energy and other markets.