Build It Green: A Checklist of Online Green-Building Resources

An environmental historian offers his list of the most essential sites related to this growing trend in building design

By Staff July 20, 2001

Written and compiled by Dale Stirling, Environmental Historian with Intertox, Inc., a Seattle-based scientific research firm specializing in the impact of chemicals and microbes on public health and the environment.

The ‘green building’ movement is gaining momentum as homeowners, contractors, and architects use recycled and other environmentally friendly building products. As the movement moves forward the resources related to ‘green building’ continue to grow. Fortunately, with the digital age at hand, numerous resources can be found online. Resources described in this article can be found online (links are provided).

Online access is economically sound because in some cases, subscription costs can be avoided by using online versions of journals and magazines. As the Internet brings the world a little closer together, many online resources relating to ‘green building’ are from other countries. Those in the construction industry can benefit by examining the successes of all ‘green building’ activists and leaders across the globe.

Therefore, many of the online resources described below go beyond the boundaries of the United States. A reading list of useful books, reports and articles is also included in the pages below:

  • Green Building Directories

  • Organizations

  • Professional Standardization and Certification

  • Suggested Reading List