Benefits and Drawbacks to UVC HVAC

By Nick Kemp, New Product Development Manager, Dristeem, Eden Prairie, Minn. April 6, 2005

Pluses of UVC emitters:

• Easy to install, maintain and operate.

• Stop mold growth on coils and eliminates the spread of mold spores and mycotoxins in the occupied space by the air-handling system.

• Clean coils by constantly killing mold; manual cleaning or chemical processing is only a temporary solution to mold growth on coils.

• Does not produce ozone, and eliminates the need to use coil cleaning chemicals, which are released into the airstream.

• Improves airflow, reducing energy costs via reduced fan energy.

• Cleans coils so that they perform better, resulting in energy savings.

• Coil cleaning is substantially reduced or eliminated saving labor and chemical costs.

• Occupant health may improve resulting in less sick time and increased productivity.

Minuses of UVC emitters:

• There are many anecdotal stories supporting the use of UVC in mold prevention, but scientific cause and affect data has not been made available yet.

• UVC users may not replace lamps at end-of-life resulting in loss of protection.

• UVC emitters are not required by code or law.