BAS Growing; IT an Upcoming Challenge

By Staff January 1, 2006

According to a new study by i&i – Proplan Limited, a European research consultant specializing in intelligent buildings, the North American market for environmental control systems in buildings reached $3.2 billion in 2004, returning to growth after a three-year decline. Demand is forecasted to continue growing over the next three years on the back of strong activity in the construction of new buildings, participation in a rapidly growing market for IT convergence and rising energy prices. A fourth factor, according to the study, is increased demand for sustainable buildings.

At the same time, the study noted the full potential of this market is simply not being realized and that the penetration of advanced controls should be much larger than it is today, when it is considerably greater in Europe.

Besides a push for better IAQ and energy efficiency, convergence with IT networks enabled by web services and XML will also drive the need for more advanced control systems.

The study noted that over the last two years in North America, there has been a significant move to converge building controls with IT networks and that business is moving away from a foundation solely built upon controls, to one committed to delivering information and services to improve the value and performance of their clients’ buildings.

The report estimates that by 2010 approximately $1.7 billion of environmental control system sales will be fully IP-based, which would account for 40% of all buildings control systems.

For further information and a synopsis of the study, contact Allan McHale .