Backup power for IT systems

RackPack IT platform uses enclosure, power distribution units, uninterruptible power supply, and power management software for one integrated infrastructure.

By Eaton March 29, 2016

Eaton’s RackPack IT platform combines elements of power and physical asset management into one integrated infrastructure. Using an enclosure, power distribution units (PDUs), and uninterruptible power supply (UPS), as well as power management software, RackPack IT offers a complete infrastructure designed to deliver up to 5,400 W of power. The platform includes ePDU G3 metered input model, a liquid-crystal graphic display (LCD), hot-swap meter, and the ability to operate at high 140°F. It also features Vantage S2 enclosure system and cable management system to enable organization within the IT rack. Helping avoid downtime and protect critical data, the RackPack IT features 9PX UPS and an extended battery module to provide backup power.