Avtron sigma 2 load bank control system

Avtron Sigma 2 Load Bank Control System optimizes power testing workflow.

By Emerson April 17, 2015

Emerson Network Power reports its Avtron Sigma 2 Load Bank Control System optimizes power testing workflow, saving time and manpower, by daisy chaining up to 14 portable load banks to test, set up, and adjust gensets and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems. The Avtron Sigma Control System, with advanced microprocessor-based control and instrumentation, is developed for load bank applications. Every Sigma-controlled load bank has its own embedded control unit complete with high-accuracy voltage and current transformers, all located within the load bank. Networking any combination of resistive, inductive, and capacitive Avtron Sigma-controlled Load Banks provides the flexibility to achieve power testing capacities of more than 50 MW. Automatic load control provides up to 16 timed load steps, including manual override and cyclic testing. The Avtron Sigma 2 IHT permanently retains automatic test and system options. A technician also can manually control load by selecting such parameters as percent load, or kW, kVA, and power factor. For transient-response testing, voltage and frequency of the last load change are captured and displayed on a dynamic graph.