Attitudes About Green Building Among Top U.S. Companies Revealed

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff November 15, 2006

Is American corporate profitability tied to the proactive use of Green ideas and Green Building principles? Yes, according to findings from a new study, “Green Perspective from Corporate America,” commissioned by Buffalo Grove, Ill.-based Siemens Building Technologies and Siemens USA. Among the study’s findings: Leading U.S. companies have begun to incorporate “green” practices into their strategic business planning and view it as an emerging and important component of profitable future growth.

“This is the first time the leaders of corporate America have been polled on their opinions toward green and green building,” says Bob Dixon, vice president of global energy services and solutions for SBT. “It is important because we now know leaders view green facilities as a significant component of any overall green strategy,” he added.

Information gathered in the study reveals that the majority of large U.S. corporations are ready to embrace “green” as a part of the foundation of their corporate philosophy. The study also indicates a “green tipping point” in corporate America will be reached in early 2009, but could occur as soon as next 2007.

Key research findings include:

Green and green building will emerge as a prominent corporate trend in the next one to three years.

The majority of respondents believe their companies will be aligned with “green” industry practices within the next three years

Three in10 respondents believe their company will emerge as a market leader in the “green” movement.

Corporate leaders do recognize the importance of green building, but need to balance their business obligations to shareholders and first address issues of cost and profits.

Forty percent of respondents consider green and green building to be of high importance to their organization. Almost 60% agree that its practice would lower operating costs. Currently, 43% view green as part of their company’s growth strategy.

Finally, escalating energy costs are key drivers of interest in green building for three-quarters of the survey’s respondents.

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