Ask an Engineering Expert: What trends do you see in the design of hotels and resorts?

In this installment of our Ask an Engineering Expert series, Cameron Collins, Principal at RTM Engineering Consultants, answers the question: What trends do you see in the design of hotels and resorts?

By RTM Associates December 17, 2018

Hotels and resorts are composed of widely varied spaces – from guest rooms and fitness centers to offices and event spaces – with different mechanical, electrical, and plumbing requirements. Managing MEP projects in the hospitality industry also requires engineers to balance the needs of distinct stakeholders.

RTM has extensive experience working on hospitality projects. Our team is adept at evaluating and optimizing systems to minimize operating costs for the hotel while maintaining brand standards and creating a comfortable environment for guests. We understand the challenges our hospitality clients face, especially if they are updating existing MEP systems and trying to find the right design to fit their desired budget. RTM ensures each project adheres to code requirements and takes future developments into account.

A major trend we are seeing in hospitality projects is the increase in customization that guests have over their spaces. Hotels are providing more communal areas where guests can socialize and collaborate. These spaces are designed to be welcoming and adaptable to guests’ needs for work and relaxation.

In guest rooms, hotels are increasingly allowing guests to control their preferences for temperature, lighting, and other factors that affect their comfort. Building management systems also facilitate communication between guests and staff; if guests notice a facility or maintenance problem, for example, they can immediately report it and get it resolved quickly.

While guests may welcome having more ownership over different spaces, hotels must manage the cost-related challenges that accompany these changes. We frequently install automated and energy-efficient solutions that help hotels keep their expenses down, while still accommodating guest control and comfort.

For example, guest rooms will use motion sensors or door contacts to automatically reset temperatures to their default when unoccupied. Other popular solutions include LED lighting and daylight dimming controls, and high-efficiency water heaters and HVAC systems. Our goal is to create MEP systems that deliver a pleasant guest experience and maximize the hotel’s cost and energy savings.

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