Arup Thoughts: Green tech, climate change solutions

Advancement in technology, green tech, clean tech, and renewables should be a priority whether climate change is real or not.

By Szilvia Doczi, Arup, Los Angeles January 20, 2017

Climate change has been receiving the biggest internet publicity ever. However, the term climate change focuses on the problem and not on the solution.

The world of energy started talking about green energy in the early 2000s, then smart energy and the smart grid in the late 2000s. Following 2010, the conversation seems to have shifted toward climate change. Today, it seems that climate change is of great importance among people since that is all that can be heard in the news.

Looking at search results, it can be seen that climate change is really dominating the conversation. The chart above also shows Google search results for related terms. Climate change is topping the list by far with more than 160 million results, followed by energy efficiency with 100 million, green power with 83 million, and green energy with 78 million.

If all publicity is good publicity, now is the right time to take advantage of climate change’s publicity power and make a shift back to the solutions: clean tech, green power, green energy, and renewables. Debate is good, change is good.

Theoretically, imagine a world where climate change isn’t real. Advancement in technology, green tech, clean tech, and renewables should still be a priority. 

Szilvia Doczi is a member of the management consulting-transaction advice team at Arup. This article originally appeared on Arup Thoughts Blog. Arup is a CFE Media content partner.