Arc-flash relay

AF0500 Arc-flash relay offers plug-and-play installation and fast arc detection.

By Littelfuse, Inc. May 14, 2015

The AF0500 Arc-Flash Relay delivers arc-flash protection in a flexible design with unlimited scalability. The AF0500 Arc-Flash Relay is ideal for retrofits in electrical equipment such as switchgear, transformers, substations, motor control centers, load banks, and many other applications. It supports four light sensors that allow the relay to sense an arcing fault, respond in less than a millisecond, and send a trip signal to an upstream breaker to interrupt the fault. The AF0500 Arc-Flash Relay does not require PC configuration. The unique sensors used with the AF0500 are equipped with a visual indicator called Heartbeat to monitor the health of the sensor. One AF0500 relay can also be set up to trip different zones, eliminating the need to buy separate relays for each zone. The relay includes an Ethernet interface and supports Modbus TCP communication. A USB port is used to access event logs and to configure complex systems with multiple power sources.

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