Andrew King’s TRANS ARCHITECTURE Exhibition set to open at Ryerson University

CannonDesign's Andrew King is set to open his TRANS ARCHITECTURE exhibition at Ryerson University's Department of Architectural Science.

By Cannon Design September 22, 2014

CannonDesign’s Andrew King is set to open his TRANS ARCHITECTURE exhibition at Ryerson University’s Department of Architectural Science featuring his extensive work and research over the past 20 years. The exhibition runs until October 10 and is highlighted by public lectures Sept. 23 in Reykjavik and Oct. 9 at Ryerson.

TRANS ARCHITECTURE looks at the fluidity of contemporary critical practice by exploring the breadth of King’s research initiatives. The exhibition examines the intersection of several modes of architectural investigation: large practice, speculative design laboratory, academic research streams, criticism and critical art practice. These modes of investigation are linked through King’s preoccupation with minimalist, formal and tectonic strategies, cinematic perception, movement and abstraction. TRANS ARCHITECTURE consists of a series of experiments in and around this position, including an in situ installation acting on the gallery space framing 30 models and objects, 200 drawings, and 1,500 fragments arranged into seven commissioned works. King’s research gleaned from the Canada Council of the Arts Prix de Rome forms the armature of the exhibition.

As CannonDesign’s Design Leader in Canada, King has contributed to the advancement of the design profession across Canada and in London, Berlin, Budapest, Rome, Seville and Copenhagen. The Globe and Mail selected King as one of Canada’s design leaders in 2003 and he has consistently earned international recognition stemming from the Canada Council for the Arts Prix de Rome, Canadian Architect Award of Excellence and the AIA P/A Award of Excellence.

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