Analog sensor control box with built-in data logging

SmartBOX1 is a general purpose, PLC-based, dual analog input sensor instrumentation control box with built-in data logging/trending.

By Smart Systems Controls Inc. September 28, 2016

Smart Systems Controls’ SmartBOX1 analog sensor control box is designed requires no programming and is menu configurable via a color touch screen. It’s capable of working with any two 4 to 20 mA dc analog inputs such as level, flow rate, pH, temperature, ORP, etc. and controlling up to eight 6A/SPDT relay outputs for pumps, alarms, valves, etc.  Remote access and control is possible with the optional Ethernet card and/or modem. Other available options include a cellular modem for SMS text alarms, Web/Internet/email access, explosion proof enclosure, audible 3 color LED alarm indicator light, and battery/solar backup. It’s packaged in a 16x14x8-in. NEMA 4/12 non-metallic enclosure.

Smart Systems Controls Inc.