An AHR Expo Post-Show Roundup

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff February 6, 2007

Dust and fume catalog features industrial grade fittings, spiral pipe and flexible hoses that are adaptable and easy to install. The manufacturer ensures quality customer service, on-time delivery direct from the manufacturer and cost-effective products. (Dust & Fume catalog by Air Handling Systems)

Cooling unit for data centers and small computer rooms is available. The unit places cooling next to the heat source, which provides consistent dynamic heat removal for medium, high and ultra-high density deployments. It supports power densities as high as 70 kW per rack when used with hot air containment systems. The unit is available in both chilled water and refrigerant-based designs. (InfraStruXure InRow RP by American Power Conversion)

Air meter test tool measures indoor air quality monitoring and testing. The model simultaneously measures, logs and displays temperature—wet bulb and dew point—humidity, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide levels. The device also records airflow and velocity capability using an option air velocity probe. The tool captures min/max/average on all measured and calculated readings, displays readings in metric and standard units, and offers multi-language user interface. (975 AirMeter by Fluke Corp.)

Duo ductless split system features integrated cooling/heating dehumidification systems. The unit provides users with environmentally friendly products that incorporate R410a refrigerant, which helps protect the stratosphere ozone layer. All models include interior plug-n-play air handler and exterior condenser. The systems are ideal to cool or heat areas smaller than 1,000 sq. ft. (AmcorAire DuoDuctless Mini Splits by Amcor)