Americans pick building security as top priority

A survey by the Society for Fire Protection Engineers reveals that security beats out comfort, environmental friendliness, and other factors in the list of most important building features.

By Source: Society for Fire Protection Engineers March 11, 2009

A nationwide survey of more than 1000 U.S. adults–conducted by the Society for Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE)– has found that among a list of building features, Americans rank building security at the top, beating out other factors such as fire safety, comfort, and environmental friendliness.

According to the survey, 28% of respondents stated that security is the most important feature of a building. Also, 12% of those surveyed indicated they feel fire safety is the most important aspect.

“The findings are not surprising given the threat from crime and terrorism that we face today,” said SFPE engineering program manager Chris Jelenewicz. “However, Americans should recognize that thousands of people die each year in fires, and fire safety features are critical to protect people and property.”