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Editor's Note: This month's Product Spotlight offers a selection of new products to be featured at the 2004 AHR Expo in Anaheim, Calif., January 26-28. Diagnostics with protective thermostat is claimed to increase diagnostic accuracy by more than 60%. It enables technicians to gather and analyze data on system performance and immediately identify electrical problems and system-related faults.

By Staff January 1, 2004

Diagnostics with protective thermostat is claimed to increase diagnostic accuracy by more than 60%. It enables technicians to gather and analyze data on system performance and immediately identify electrical problems and system-related faults. The thermostat can automatically shut down the HVAC system if a serious problem is detected and provide a notification to call for service. (Comfort Alert by Emerson Climate Technologies)

Moisture-proof probe takes advantage of an overmolded design, which makes it suitable for harsh environments and applications where moisture is inherent, such as industrial refrigeration, air-conditioning units or swimming pools. It is tested to 20,000 freeze/thaw thermal cycles and is moisture-proofness to environmental standard IP68. (by Betatherm Sensors)

Structural framing system supports air-handling, air-conditioning, filtration, fan-coil and (MCC) computer room units, as well as acoustical enclosures, equipment housings and soft-wall clean spaces. Accessories are available, including door handles, hinges, view ports, fan and motor mountings, dampers and adjustable bases. (by Modular Framing Systems, Inc.)

Germicidal air filtration unit for microbial control is designed for 12 room air changes per hr. of 99.99% HEPA filtration efficiency and offers high-performance UVC fly-by kill capacity for bacteria, viruses and mold. (by Isolate, Inc.)

AC drive , designed for BAS applications, is now available with a LonWorks interface board. The drive is offered from 0.5 to 500 hp in NEMA 1, NEMA 12 and NEMA 3R enclosures. Hand/Off/Auto functionality is built into the digital operator keypad for operation from remote or local signals, and a copy function makes set-up parameters portable when programming multiple drives. (E7 by Yaskawa Electric America, Inc.)

Universal support system uses a flexible galvanized steel cable and hook to support lighting, ductwork, cable trays, electrical busway, pipe and tube, conduit, strut profiles, C-profiles and ventilation fans from overhead building structural members. The steel locking device promotes stability and allows supported objects to be adjusted during and after installation. (CADDY SPEED LINK by Erico, Inc.)

Heat exchanger is designed for refrigeration and process cooling systems where high levels of corrosion and fatigue resistance are required. The unit can handle temperatures up to 1,020°F and high levels of pressure fatigue cycling. (AlfaNova by Alfa Laval, Inc.)

Fire alarm control panel is suited for small to medium commercial, institutional and industrial life-safety installations, and features fully digital single or dual SLCs that support up to 126 analog points each for rapid event reporting. The unit uses a peer-to-peer protocol to connect up to 250 network nodes. (IdentiFlex 602 by Gamewell)

Building IT management software offers open architecture and combines environmental controls with facility and management features in a single solution. Data is accessible via local Windows-based applications or external data-bases. (Vista by TAC)

Plenum fans are available in five different arrangements to meet various AHU configurations. Capacities reach up to 160,000 cfm with pressures up to 12 in. WG in 19 sizes from 12-in. to 73-in. wheel diameters. Options include custom unitary bases, inlet-vane dampers and extended lube lines. (by Mechanovent)

Fasteners for HVAC production and installation include tek screws, thread cutters and thread formers, multi-metal screws tapping screws and machine screws for standard and non-standard sizes and configurations. Screws are constructed from a stainless steel head fused with a steel point and body. (by Alloy Fasteners)

Gas ignition controls for HVAC applications can be configured to integrate equipment such as combustion fans, indoor blower motors and humidifiers. A control features standard thermostat connections and serves as as central wiring point, providing thermal limit, flame rollout and combustion airflow monitoring. (35-80 Series by Fenwal)

Cooling/reheat coil dehumidifies air and reheats the same air to the desired leaving air temperature and humidity level. The unit uses a single supply and return connection, and only one coil is required. (Desaturation Coil by Heatcraft)

Leak detector uses hydrogen as a tracer to detect leaks. The compact system is extremely sensitive to hydrogen gas and can detect leaks that are smaller than bacteria. It is completely electronic and requires no pumps, valves or vacuums. The unit features a standard probe, which can be equipped with a protective cover to allow leak detection on wet objects. (H2000 by Sensistor Technologies)

Brochure covers manufacturer’s full line of gas, oil and dual-fired hot water and steam boilers, electric hot water and steam boilers, water heaters and related equipment. Boilers are available in sizes from 250,000 to 21,000,000 BTUH. The brochure also lists companion products and accessories. (by Bryan Steam)