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For the 2001 AHR Expo (January 29 through 31 in Atlanta), Consulting-Specifying Engineer has created this special section to serve as a guide to some of the most innovative new systems and components on display at the show.

By Staff January 1, 2001

In anticipation of the 2001 AHR Expo (January 29 through 31 in Atlanta), Consulting-Specifying Engineer has created this special section to serve as a guide to some of the most innovative new systems and components on display at the show. For more information on the featured products, the editors encourage attendees of the AHR Expo to visit the suppliers’ booths, which are highlighted herein.

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Flowmeter uses vortex technology to measure flow and has no moving parts, providing lower maintenance, reducing initial costs and eliminating the possibility of fluid contamination. This ‘hot-tap compatible’ device ensures that there is no line shutdown during installation. (Model 3100 by EMCO, AHR Expo Booth 6826 ) Circle 1

Steam-humidifier system is based on a patent-pending, multipipe design that uses a self-adjusting pressure-variable steam outlet slot to ensure absolutely equal steam distribution in the duct. This new humidifier is available in direct-steam discharge and steam-to-steam conversion models with capacities of up to 2,000 lbs./hr. (UST Series by DGH Systems, AHR Expo Booth 5525 ) Circle 2

Network control device offers flexible, universal access to control systems from Web browsers, databases and popular HMI programs. Using Ethernet LANs, dial-up PPP and the Internet, the device performs data logging, alarming and real-time remote monitoring. Features high I/O point capacity and dual control-network interfaces: power line and twisted pair. (Connector 1000 2.0 by Coactive Networks, AHR Expo Booth 6341 ) Circle 3

Ultra-low-pressure transmitter enables the measurement of very low pressure and gas flows where measurement was not previously practical. A highly sensitive variable-capacitance transducer with a micromachined silicon diaphragm inside the transmitter makes it 100 times more sensitive to pressure than conventional pressure sensors. (XLdp by Ashcroft, AHR Expo Booth 3733/37 ) Circle 4

Rooftop dehumidifiers are now available with the option for an integrated gas-fired boiler. These units are designed specifically for natatorium installations, with the boiler providing both space heating and pool water heating. (Dry-O-Tron by Dectron, AHR Expo Booth 4832 ) Circle 5

Packaged chillers are immediately available for shipping on quick-timeline projects. These units come in two different models standard controls or a PLC and a range of standard sizes up to 100 tons. (ACME by API Heat Transfer, AHR Expo Booth 4633 ) Circle 6

Engineering software allows complex systems to be modeled and optimized even before CAD designers start drawing. This product uses various application libraries such as those for thermal or electrical systems to provide the components required to aggregate system designs. (Model Engineer by Modelogics, AHR Expo Booth 7419 ) Circle 7

Balancing valve includes a flow indicator that allows for instant verification of any change the user makes in the flow rate. This device can be installed vertically or horizontally and is available in 3/4-in., 1-in. and 1-1/4-in. sizes. (FlowGuard by ISTEC, AHR Expo Booth 2043 ) Circle 8

Dampers are powered by direct-coupled actuators that have the ability to go into a stall-like condition, which conserves power yet holds the damper open or closed without stress to the motor. These units are available as either fire or combination fire/smoke dampers. (Delta Control Products, AHR Expo Booth 6350 ) Circle 9

AC drive provides an operator keypad and six multispeed settings. This drive is available to use with a new multiplexing system that provides control of multiple motors from a single VFD. (GPD 506 by MagneTek, AHR Expo Booth 5911 ) Circle 10

Cast-iron boiler is designed for use with a conventional chimney in commercial applications. This natural gas, atmospheric boiler is available in four sizes, all of which offer compact footprint and front-mounted controls. (Series GM by Peerless Heater Company, AHR Expo Booth 5530 ) Circle 11

Building-automation system employs BACnet, Internet and standard IT technologies to remotely collect and aggregate data on building occupancy, energy usage and equipment maintenance. System offers applications from energy aggregating and predictive failure reporting by means of a Web-browser interface. (eBuilding by Teletrol, AHR Expo Booth 6100 ) Circle 12

HVAC Web site allows industry professionals to buy and sell HVACR equipment and features product information, industry news and resume posting. (HVACindustry.com by eForay, Booth 7780 ) Circle 13

HVAC filters are fabricated from 100-percent polypropylene media and feature high durability and low airflow resistance. The full line of filters suits various applications, from educational institutions to food-processing facilities. (Aeolus Corporation, AHR Expo Booth 7481 ) Circle 14

Textile-duct system is constructed of porous polyester fabric that allows room supply air to seep into occupied areas at very low velocities. This D-shaped, exposed duct makes use of the displacement air-distribution principle, with its denser supply air settling to the bottom of occupied rooms. (KE-Interior by KE-Fibertec, AHR Expo Booth 7100 ) Circle 15

Variable-speed vent system reduces vent diameters by up to 50 percent and automatically regulates fan speed based on a user-set manifold/vent pressure. (Auto-Draft by Tjernlund Products, AHR Expo Booth 1148 ) Circle 16

Water-treatment system is a nonchemical means of eliminating the problem of mineral scale in cooling-tower or boiler feedwater systems. This flow-through device can be plumbed into the water system, and also has the ability to reduce bacterial populations and control biofilm in cooling towers. (Dolphin by Clearwater Systems, LLC, AHR Expo Booth 7465 ) Circle 17

Mechanical engineering software dynamically performs all of the engineering calculations associated with air and water schematics. This Windows-based program allows the user to design HVAC systems with intelligent components in a familiar drag-and-drop format. (HVAC Solutions, Inc., AHR Expo Booth 7710 ) Circle 18

Geothermal heat pumps are available in 24 different models 14 horizontal and 10 vertical and are ideal for earth-coupled use with an inground closed-loop heat exchanger. The series of pumps has a range of 9,000 to 112,000 Btu/h cooling capacity and 6,900 to 90,900 Btu/h heating capacity. (VGY and HGY by Heat Controller, Inc., AHR Expo Booth 1630 ) Circle 19

Steam humidification system uses either propane or natural gas to generate humidifying steam from tap or refined water. This unit has an 82-percent efficiency rating and uses disposable ionic beds to minimize the buildup of solids on the heat exchanger and inner tank wall. (Series GFH by Armstrong, AHR Expo Booth 4810 ) Circle 20

Duct liner features a coating with enhanced moisture-repellent properties. This ‘breathable’ coating allows sound to pass through its open-cell structure and into the sound-absorbing glass-fiber mat, ensuring quality acoustics. (ToughGard by CertainTeed, AHR Expo Booth 4550 ) Circle 21

Airflow modeling software for the optimization of HVAC systems calculates and plots parameters such as local air-change index and local mean age. The software also features fast calculations in a ‘browser-style’ format. (Flovent V3.1 by Flowmerics, AHR Expo Booth 2219 ) Circle 22

Combination louver/damper utilizes an airfoil-designed damper blade that yields a pressure drop of 0.07 in. at 1,000 fpm. This combined unit eliminates the need for a separate damper and is AMCA water and seal certified. (Model CFL-D-6 by United Enertech, AHR Expo Booth 7630 ) Circle 23

Flange fans for duct-mount applications are available in sizes ranging from 12 in. to 27 in., and are capable of delivering up to 11,000 cfm. These standard- or reverse-flow units come in an epoxy-coated guard motor mount that accommodates motors up to 3 hp. (AFD by Continental, AHR Expo Booth 3860 ) Circle 24

LonWorks-based zone sensor and multifunction temperature/humidity sensors are offered by manufacturer. Also available is a weather-tight humidity sensing unit with ratcheting O-ring sealed lid and sealant-filled connectors. (Building Automation Products, AHR Expo Booth 5990 ) Circle 25

Butterfly valves in electronic and pneumatic versions are available in sizes from 2 in. to 12 in. The valves are ideal for on/off and modulating flow control for hot-water, condenser-water, thermal-storage and steam applications. Offered in wafer and lug body styles. (Siemens Building Technologies, AHR Expo Booth 2250 ) Circle 26

UVC emitter is designed for side-access installations in commercial HVAC systems, where access to the plenum is difficult or restricted. Up to six of these units can be physically or electrically connected, forming a string of emitters that conveniently slides in and out of an air handler. (Twist-lock by Steril-Aire, AHR Expo Booth 6531 ) Circle 27

Lighting control system offers interoperation with building-automation systems using the BACnet standard. With some user programming, the system can provide a wide array of lighting control and monitoring functions. (Synergy by Lithonia Lighting, AHR Expo Booth 6342 ) Circle 28

Electric unit heaters range in size from 3 kW through 47 kW, with single- or three-phase power available in 208 V, 240 V or 480 V. The unit can be ceiling- or wall-mounted with a bracket that enables the heater to be rotated a full 180°. (Indeeco, AHR Expo Booth 3536 ) Circle 29

Water heater offers natural- and propane-gas inputs of 260,000 Btu/h and intake/exhaust runs of up to 135 feet, horizontal or vertical, using 3-in. or 4-in. schedule-40 PVC pipe. Features storage capacity of up to 100 gallons and 85-percent thermal-efficiency rating. (Sandblaster Force SDV100-260 by State Industries, AHR Expo Booth 6601 ) Circle 30

Humidifiers offer precise humidity control in the form of an integrated microcomputer. Designed for operation with demineralized or reverse-osmosis water supplies, this unit can control relative humidity with a fully variable steam output of 0 to 100 percent. (NH Series by Nortec, AHR Expo Booth 2441 ) Circle 31

Pipe hangers and pipe-joining system includes standard couplings and fittings, as well as valves and pipe-preparation tools. (Gruvlok by Anvil International, AHR Expo Booth 1234 ) Circle 32

BACnet protocol analyzer helps engineers develop robust building-automation networks and answer questions about transmission between devices. Software tool offers the real-time capture of BACnet and non-BACnet packets with full BACnet packet decoding. (BPA2 by Cimetrics, AHR Expo Booth 6381 ) Circle 33

Water-pressure booster software allows for online sizing and selection of booster systems for building water systems. Program determines pressure requirements, suggested maximum flow and two- or three-pump configurations employing end-suction, vertical turbine or vertical multistage pumps. (Syncroflo, AHR Expo Booth 5442 ) Circle 34

HVAC economizer increases the performance of rooftop units by channeling the inward air more efficiently. The ‘turning vane’ design of this system also reduces operating pressures by minimizing return-air pressure drop. (CB-Series by Cambridgeport, AHR Expo Booth 7811 ) Circle 35

Web-based remote monitoring system allows users to access system data and information from BACnet building-automation systems. Using standard browser software, users can view logged data, change system data, view previous operations and receive alarms by e-mail. (WEBtalk by Alerton, AHR Expo Booth 6030 ) Circle 36

Direct-digital controller is designed to monitor and control HVAC systems. This Ethernet-ready unit comes compatible with conventional HVAC control equipment and can also work for energy, lighting, electrical and industrial-process system controls. (UniPoint by BAScontrols.com, Ltd., AHR Expo Booth 6343 ) Circle 37

Pressurizers are engineered to function as stand-alone booster systems in high-rise and office buildings. The devices can boost pressure to 65 psi at flow rates of up to 200 gpm, and feature a valve that regulates and maintains constant pressure regardless of changing flow demands. (DCP Series by Thrush Company, AHR Expo Booth 7119 ) Circle 38

Heat-pipe heat exchangers are suitable for IAQ, dehumidification and air-to-air heat recovery. Options include indirect evaporative cooling, in-line configuration for enhanced dehumidification and tilt or face-and-bypass for temperature/frost control. (Colmac Coil Manufacturing, AHR Expo Booth 5231 ) Circle 39

Outside-air monitor assists in measurement of ventilation levels and offers three-mode control of inlet damper. Suitable for built-up inlets and single- and dual-inlet packaged air handlers, the device helps conserve energy and maintain occupant comfort. (Volu-flo/OAM by Air Monitor Corp., AHR Expo Booth 1142 ) Circle 40

Gas-phase adsorber continuously removes low-level concentrations of airborne molecular contamination of less than 500 parts per billion. This device, ideally suited for cleanrooms or sensitive manufacturing environments, also filters for spikes of higher concentrations of up to 5 parts per million. (Vari-Klean by Airguard, AHR Expo Booth 2728 ) Circle 41

Packaged HVAC unit features scroll compressors, narrow aluminum plug fan, interlaced DX coil and shell-and-tube condensers. Offered in capacities up to 80 tons. (HV-Cube by Mammoth Inc., AHR Expo Booth 2023 ) Circle 42

Boiler-maintenance system continuously monitors unit performance and automatically notifies service technicians in the case of shutdowns. The monitoring system also has the ability to pinpoint any occurring alarms and helps identify the specific cause of the problem. (MOM by Miura, AHR Expo Booth 4027 ) Circle 43