AHR Expo 2007 Returns to Dallas

The AHR Expo comes to the Dallas Convention Center from Jan. 29 to Jan. 31 for the first time since 2000. The event is expected to bring more than 1,600 exhibitors from 35 countries, and 45,000 HVAC/R professionals from more than 100 countries. This year's show promises the latest technologies and products from the world's leading manufacturers.

By Melissa Hillebrand, Associate Editor January 1, 2007

The AHR Expo comes to the Dallas Convention Center from Jan. 29 to Jan. 31 for the first time since 2000. The event is expected to bring more than 1,600 exhibitors from 35 countries, and 45,000 HVAC/R professionals from more than 100 countries. This year’s show promises the latest technologies and products from the world’s leading manufacturers. The ASHRAE 2007 Winter Meeting also takes place, beginning Jan. 27.

Corrosion protection system extends the lives of cooling towers’ cold water basins. This system is available for the manufacturer’s 3000 and 1500 series cooling towers. In addition, this technology has been awarded the 2007 AHR Expo Innovation Honorable Mention for the Green Building category. (TriArmor by BAC) www. BaltimoreAircoil.com Input #1 at www.csemag.com/quickResponse

Tubular centrifugal fan is said to feature the economical, space-saving advantages of an axial model. The fan is available in 17 wheel diameters from 9 in. to 49 in., and is AMCA licensed for sound and air performance. (TCLB by Twin City) www.twincityfan.com #2

Retrofit kits for fan coils may be installed opposite cooling coils in PTAC units, fan coil systems, unit ventilators and similar systems. These retrofit kits are available with UVC energy to eliminate mold, viruses and bacteria for enhanced IAQ. (UVC retrofit kits by Steril-Aire) www.steril-aire.com #3

UL air curtains provide energy and environmental separation for openings as small as a drive-up window and as large as a 30-ft. door. This model is designed for in-ceiling mount and features a custom trim kit to match white aluminum or stainless-steel finish. (In-Ceiling Mount air curtain by Berner International) www.berner.com #4

Handheld thermo-hygrometers measure relative humidity and temperature in the ranges of 5% to 95% RH and -4°F to 122°F, respectively. This model features a thumb-wheel switch, and measurements are displayed as SI- or US-units. Additional features include MIN/MAX and AVG indications and HOLD functions. (HUMIPORT 05 by E+E Elektronik) www.epluse.com #5

Plug-n-play gateway provides communication for boilers, water heaters and indirect-fired heaters. It delivers as many as 300 customer-selected data points from unit control systems. (by AERCO) www.aerco.com #6

Pilot gas ignition controls are designed and certified to CSA requirements. This series is available as an open board assembly, or with a case and cover for surface mounting to a standard 4-in. square electrical box. These devices are designed for HVAC, commercial cooking equipment, boilers, furnaces and other gas-fired equipment with spark-to-pilot features. The series offers repeatable timing sequences configurable to 120 seconds TFI. (Fenwal Series 35-63, 24 VAC Intermittent Pilot Gas Ignition Controls by Fenwal Controls) www.fenwalcontrols.com #7

Multichannel gateways offer solutions for BAS integration. This series of gateways features access to the manufacturer’s driver library, dual Ethernet ports, 1,000-point capacity and four serial ports. (by FieldServer Technologies) www.fieldserver.com #8

Non-spring return actuators provide ideal damp rotation response in environment applications. The actuators may be shaft-mounted on air dampers and shutters and are offered in three models: 1 sec./0° to 90°/20 in. to lb., 4 sec./0° to 90°/70 in. to lb., and 5 sec./0° to 90°/135 in. to lb. Other features include angle rotation direction, switch adjustments, position display, signal input selection and feedback signal. (24 VAC/DC non-spring return actuators by Intec Controls) www.inteccontrols.com #9

Foil radiant barrier and vapor retarder reflects radiant energy and slows moisture migration in buildings. This product is made of flexible 2-ply 1/8-in. thick polypropylene foam and has aluminum foil film laminated to both sides. If installed with a minimum 3/4-in. airspace under metal roofs, the radiant barrier and vapor retarder reflects as much as 97% of the radiant energy, reducing heat loss and buildup. (MicroLT by Northwestern Ohio Foam Products) www.nofp.com #10

HVAC pumps limit shaft deflection to 2/1000-in. at the seal face. In addition, this model flows at speeds as high as 6,000 gpm with heads to 160 ft. The pump’s horizontal split-case design is said to minimize vibration and maximizes bearing life. (Pro-Max Horizontal Split Case HVAC Pumps by Patterson Pump) www.pattersonpumps.com #11

Air conditioner filter is designed to fit any central air conditioning unit and is available in three sizes: 25 in. x 80 in., 30 in. x 100 in. and 38 in. x 110 in. The model is UV-protected and offers a flexible vinyl edge that attaches to the unit with bungee cord hooks. (PreVent Wrap-Around by Permatron) www.permatron.com #12

Pressure transducer allows users to select pressure ranges and analog outputs. It offers various pressure ranges from 1/10-in. W.C. to 10-in. W.C. Accurate at 1% FS, this model is said to be the only multi-range transducer to provide fixed range performance for all selectable ranges. (Model 260 by Setra Systems) www.setra.com #13

Straight tube heaters are CSA design certified for horizontal and vertical venting. This series of heaters may be horizontally mounted for as much as 75 ft. of sidewall venting. Tube lengths vary from 15 ft. to 80 ft. The heaters are ideal for insulated buildings and facilities with high ceilings heights. (LTS Series tube heaters by Space-Ray). www.spaceray.com #14

Antimicrobial coated ductwork offers inorganic material that contains silver ions and zeolite. This minimizes the growth of microbes in buildings with high humidity. The coatings last from 10 years to as long as 30 years, depending on the function and surface wear. The coatings are not intended for uses where temperatures exceed 350°F for periods of time. (AglION by Spiral Pipe of Texas ) www.spotusa.com #15

Controller assists web-enabled lighting controls for industrial structures. The controller mounts to a standard panelboard and allows users to make changes from the building or re-motely using Ethernet. Other capabilities include alarms and notifications concernign tripped breaks, non-operating photocells or other parameters via e-mail. (Square D Powerlink NF3000G3C Controller by Schneider Electric) www.us.squared.com #16

Desiccant dryer uses heated regeneration to produce high-quality air and dew points as low as -40°F with minimal purge air losses, the manufacturer says. Sizes range from 5 cfm to 5,400 cfm, with larger models available. (Blower Purge Dessicant dryers by Kaeser Compressors) www.kaeser.com #17