Active chilled beam cassette

SEMCO's LYRA II has personalized pinpoint temperature and humidity via digital controller for new construction and retrofit applications.

By SEMCO LLC June 23, 2017

SEMCO LLC’s LYRA II is a 2 x 2-ft active chilled beam cassette capable of personalized pinpoint temperature and humidity via a digital controller. The LYRA II is an ultra quiet, cooling/heating chilled beam capable of precise airflow patterns and velocities for smaller spaces under 300 sq ft. It features personalized air comfort with digital field-adjustment capability of one, two, three, or four-way air directionality to accommodate any room shape or configuration. It also digitally controls discharge velocities ranging from 11 to 150-ft/min. Its 8.5-inch-deep enclosure is designed to suppress turbulence and operational airflow noise to below 20-dB levels. This chilled beam comfort control is accomplished with the optional pressure independent (Pi) controller, a 4 x 4-in digital microprocessor. The Pi is integrated with an on-board, electro-mechanical module that uses a 24-V powered motor to adjust the cassete’s airflow blades, nozzles, and volume dampers.