45-degree elbows for press systems

Viega's elbows provide flexibility for larger tubing materials in PEX Press systems.

By Viega October 26, 2016

Viega’s 45-degree elbows are available in 1.5- and 2-in. sizes. The elbows feature Viega’s patented Smart Connect feature, which allows water to flow past an unpressed fitting, providing installers with added confidence in their connections. The PEX Press 45-degree elbows will provide flexibility for larger tubing and is ideal for use in commercial applications. The PEX Press elbows are part of Viega’s growing line of products designed for commercial applications. Viega PEX offerings also include Viega PEX Press test plugs, PEX Press 90-degree flare elbows, PEX Press reducing tees and PEX pipe supports. Viega PEX Press fittings are factory assembled with attached stainless steel sleeves with three view holes which helps installers insert tubing correctly, ensuring proper installation. Color-coded tool locator rings assure proper alignment of the press tool.