2023 40 Under 40: Tyler Kelleher, 34

Senior Associate, Electrical Engineer, BR+A Consulting Engineers; MS, Architecture, Wentworth Institute of Technology

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer May 15, 2023

Though his degrees came in architecture, Kelleher found his passion for electrical design with the niche work done at BR+A Consulting Engineers in the life science and health care design fields. Kelleher has worked at BR+A for 11 years in a full-time capacity; he also worked for the firm for two years as an intern during college. With his background in architecture, it provided a bridge to client relations with many former classmates and teachers working at Boston architecture firms where those connections opened doors to grow more relationships at those companies. Kelleher continues his work with Wentworth Institute of Technology by leading the co-op recruitment for BR+A for electrical interns. He believes it is important to continue to find the next great designers and help students discover this field of electrical engineering. Besides recruiting from Wentworth, he has established recruiting at other local colleges and colleges outside of New England. Kelleher is proud to say that several people were first hired by him as co-ops who then went on to become full-time employees. Kelleher knows how important mentors are; he started out working on markups being mentored from more senior designers at BR+A. Within the past few years, he has begun leading the electrical design on projects and mentoring a team that works on these projects under his guidance. With this expanded role, Kelleher was recently promoted to a senior associate. When he isn’t working, Kelleher enjoys photography and taking walks around Boston, trying to capture moments and the architecture that makes this city a beautiful place to call home.