2023 40 Under 40: Mark Wassif, PE, 40

Assistant Vice President, Design Services, MTA Construction and Development; MS, Electrical, New York University

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer May 15, 2023
Courtesy: CFE Media

Wassif said the skills developed the past 20 years in the engineering industry serve him well in his current role as a design compliance executive at the MTA. Having worked in design services the past two years, Wassif has assumed leadership roles in managing the architectural and engineering design processes to conform to MTA and industry standards. Under design services, he worked with a team from legal to establish and issue guidance on types of drawings to be used for certain projects and provide consistencies within language in specifications and bridging documents. He served on selection committees and currently is the assigned project manager for various consultant scopes of work. Wassif played an integral role in the development and testing of a lessons learned information system to ensure the application followed developed procedures. He has prepared and presented training sessions to MTA business units on design compliance in projects, design coordination and lessons learned. Wassif has built a good relationship with various user departments in the agency as well as management and staff on establishing various processes, procedures and guidelines that assist in the development of designs and ensure consistent approaches. Aside from work, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two children and serving in his community activities. He mentors youth at home, work and in the church community to instill the practices of hard work and commitment. He serves as church deacon and enjoys prepping fun activities and youth retreats.