2023 40 Under 40: Ian O’Connor, PE, CEM, 33

Senior Energy Engineer, Cyclone Energy Group; BS, Industrial and Systems Engineering, University of Florida

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer May 15, 2023
Courtesy: CFE Media

O’Connor joined the Cyclone Energy Group team in 2021, having previously worked for Aramark Engineering and Asset Solutions. He made an impact on the energy engineering team and the company, widening the diversity of knowledge and strengthening the collective experience. He was challenged early to learn a new method of retro-commissioning and monitoring-based commissioning. O’Connor accepted the challenge and has delivered on major projects including the monitoring-based commissioning of three shopping centers for Brookfield Properties. Soon after joining the team, the energy efficiency program manager at ComEd — a regional utility — reached out to Cyclone Energy Group and asked for substantial savings across multiple projects in a highly accelerated timeframe to help them reach their program goals. The Cyclone Energy Group team was awarded the “Clutch Performer” award for their efforts, in which O’Connor was instrumental. To give back to the industry, O’Connor is serving as a technical session monitor to assist with checking ASHRAE members into sessions and assist presenters with any inquiries they may have during presentation setups. In his free time, he enjoys biking to explore the great outdoors. Cooking is another creative outlet for O’Connor and he enjoys experimenting to see what he can create with what is already in the refrigerator. He even crafts his own hot sauce. O’Connor enjoys applying his engineering intuition and ability to learn quickly to home improvement projects. The project he is most proud of is the half-bath renovation, which brought a 1970s-style bathroom more in line with 21st century tastes.