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2020 40 Under 40 winners announced

These 2020 40 Under 40 winners have what it takes to lead the building industry to a higher level

By Chris Vavra and Amara Rozgus May 14, 2020

If the technical expertise, breadth of experience and confident attitudes don’t impress you, then the dedication given to mentoring, the community and family certainly will. The 2020 40 Under 40 winners are more creative, focused and passionate than most professionals at the early phases of their career, leading them to succeed in their respective professions. They’ve had an impact at their own firms and within the building industry as a whole. Projects they’ve touched are better because of their influence. And they’re definitively well-rounded and down-to-earth people. Meet some wide-ranging travelers, outdoor enthusiasts and imaginative thinkers.

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Chris Vavra and Amara Rozgus
Author Bio: Chris Vavra, Associate Editor, and Amara Rozgus, Editor-in-Chief