ACG 2010 Conference: Building Envelope Commissioning

ACG 6th Annual Conference on Total Building Commissioning

Title: Building Envelope Commissioning

Presenter: Kevin Knight, Director of Building Envelope Commissioning, and John Runkle, P.E., Director of Forensic Services, Architectural Testing, Inc.


Building envelope (or enclosure) commissioning is an essential part of total building commissioning. Mr. Knight and Mr. Runkle will discuss the history, codes and standards that lay the foundation for building enclosure commissioning, with detailed descriptions of mandatory steps in each individual phase. The presentation will be augmented with photographic representations of key functional performance tests, as well as discussion of a series of case studies. This essential presentation will conclude with an analysis of trends, how enclosure commissioning works with MEP commissioning, and anticipated changes in the near future.


Kevin Knight is a building enclosure authority with over 25 years experience in the field as a researcher, trainer, and provider of building enclosure commissioning. He is the co-inventor of patented testing equipment used for finding leaks in air/vapor barrier and roofing membranes, has had numerous papers published and is a frequent lecturer on building science. John Runkle provides and manages building envelope commissioning, consulting, field testing, investigative, and expert witness services. He has worked on both new construction and retrofit projects in most of the 50 states.


Information provided by AABC Commissioning Group

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