ACG 2010 Conference: ASHRAE Building Energy Quotient Labeling Program

ACG 6th Annual Conference on Total Building Commissioning

Title: ASHRAE Building Energy Quotient Labeling Program

Presenter: Bruce D. Hunn, Ph.D., F. ASHRAE, Director of Strategic Technical Programs, ASHRAE


Buildings use 40 percent of energy in developed countries—but how can the nation’s building stock move toward net-zero-energy use without knowing exactly how much energy each building uses?


The Building Energy Quotient program—now in its pilot phase—seeks the answers to that question. With metrics for measuring both the energy the building is designed to use and the energy actually being consumed, this program can help us to close the gaps between intention and operation.


Bruce Hunn has served as ASHRAE’s director of strategic technical programs since 2008, and previously served as the Society’s director of technology. He oversees ASHRAE’s special projects, such as the Advanced Energy Design Guide series, the recently published Advanced Indoor Air Quality guide, the Performance Measurement Protocols for Commercial Buildings, and other documents that will provide design guidance to achieve net-zero-energy buildings. He is a Fellow of both ASHRAE and the American Solar Energy Society (ASES).


Information provided by AABC Commissioning Group

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