ACG 2010 Conference: Action-Oriented Energy Benchmarking

ACG 6th Annual Conference on Total Building Commissioning

Title: Action-Oriented Energy Benchmarking

Presenter: Evan Mills, Ph.D, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


Dr. Mills will discuss an ongoing project to create the next generation of non-residential energy benchmarking tools. LBNL’s “action-oriented” benchmarking tool—EnergyIQ—is designed to provide opportunity assessments based on benchmarking results, as well as decision-support information.


The EnergyIQ tool offers a wide array of benchmark metrics and supports both cross-sectional benchmarking for comparing the user’s building to its peers, as well as longitudinal benchmarking for tracking an the performance of an individual building or enterprise portfolio over time. The tool can connect with EPA’s Portfolio Manager, enabling users to move their data in either direction between the two programs, and is tailored to help lay the groundwork for investment-grade audits and professional engineering modeling of energy-efficiency upgrades.


The “Decision Support” module assists in refining action plans, creating design-intent documentation, and implementing improvements. More information and a demo are available online.


Information provided by AABC Commissioning Group

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